“The Pickleball Tutor is my favorite teaching tool and is instrumental in taking not only my students’ games to the next level but mine as well.”
– Dee Ahern, Certified IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, Coach and National Medalist

“What I like about practicing with the Pickleball Tutor is the oscillating feature. And, it allows me to work on my shots with consistent feeds and therefore focus on execution and placement without worrying about the results.”
– Bob Zinsmaster, 5.0 Tennis player and Pickleball Convert

“It’s light enough to be able to carry and easy to move around the court. It holds 125 balls and the battery life is amazing. We’ve been running tournaments for a long time and this machine is the pick of the people.”
– Nancy Meyer, Tournament Director and Player

“The Pickleball Tutor is great for working on my singles game. It’s also fantastic for setting up specific individual shots and target practice! I’d recommend it to anyone.”
– Diane Bock, National Singles Champion

“I love the Pickleball Tutor machine. It’s a great practice partner. One of the things I love most about it is if I’m struggling with a particular stroke, I can go ahead and dial that in and practice over and over and over again so that I can perfect every single skill.”
– Lisa Duncan, Former USTA National Trainer

“One of the challenges we all face is taking the pace off the ball when you’re in a defensive mode so you can reset the point. It’s difficult to find a drilling partner who’s willing to whack balls at you for 20 minutes from midcourt, but the Pickleball Tutor will do it for as long as I want.”
– Valerie Marott, State Champion