The Pickleball Tutor Ball Machine can be purchased online at or through any of our approved distributors. OnCourt OffCourt is the exclusive marketing partner for Sports Tutor Ball Machines to promote and distribute the Pickleball Tutor in the United States.


MSRP $879 (Basic AC option).

MSRP $879 (Basic Battery option).

MSRP $979 (either option with Oscillation).

Additional Features (must be added at time of purchase):

MSRP $200 (Two-button wireless remote – oscillating machines only)
MSRP $200 (2-line oscillation – oscillating machines only)
MSRP $100 (Electronic Elevation – oscillating machines only)

Additional Add-On’s (can be purchased at a later time):

MSRP  $195 (External Battery Pack).

MSRP $125 (External AC Power Supply).

MSRP $50 (Weatherproof Cover).