Picklehopper 60


Our PickleHopper 60 is truly exceptional thanks to our unique EZ GLIDE BAR at the bottom of the hopper which allow for the easiest ball pick-up in the world. We guarantee it! Check out these additional exceptional features:

  • EZ GLIDE BAR – New EZ GLIDE BAR for effortless ball pick-up use 7mm gauge, the most durable in the industry, to maximize durability. EZ GLIDE BAR will not bend but move automatically to EFFORTLESSLY pick up the balls. No more pushing and muscling — the balls almost pick themselves up automatically. The next best thing to a ball pick-up robot!
  • NO TOOL ASSEMBLY – Easy-grip knobs for no-tool assembly. Handles start tight and stay tight.
  • CAPACITY – 60 ball capacity.

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