Picklehopper 30


The PickleHopper 30 from OnCourt OffCourt is the ultimate solution for effortless pickleball ball pick-up. Our innovative design features the unique EZ GLIDE BAR, making ball collection easier than ever before.

Whether you’re practicing, playing, or coaching, the PickleHopper 30 is a must-have tool for you! 

Why Choose the PickleHopper 30?

  • EZ GLIDE BAR: Our new EZ GLIDE BAR uses a 7mm gauge, the most durable in the industry, ensuring maximum durability. The EZ GLIDE BAR won’t bend and moves automatically to effortlessly pick up balls. No more pushing and muscling – the balls almost pick themselves up, making this the next best thing to a ball pick-up robot!
  • No Tool Assembly: Enjoy hassle-free assembly with easy-grip knobs. The handles start tight and stay tight, ensuring a secure and stable hopper.
  • 30 Ball Capacity: With a generous capacity of 30 balls, the PickleHopper 30 allows you to spend more time playing and less time collecting balls.
  • Versatility: The PickleHopper 30 picks up all types of pickleballs, making it a versatile tool for any player.

Top Features of the PickleHopper 30

  1. EZ GLIDE BAR: Effortless ball pick-up with the industry’s most durable 7mm gauge bar.
  2. No Tool Assembly: Easy-grip knobs ensure quick and tool-free assembly.
  3. 30 Ball Capacity: Holds up to 30 pickleballs for extended play and practice sessions.
  4. Durability: Built to last with high-quality materials that withstand rigorous use.

FAQs about the PickleHopper 30

  • What makes the EZ GLIDE BAR unique?

The EZ GLIDE BAR is designed to be the most durable in the industry, using a 7mm gauge that won’t bend. It moves automatically to make ball pick-up effortless, reducing the need for pushing and muscling.

  • How easy is the assembly?

The PickleHopper 30 features easy-grip knobs for no-tool assembly. The handles start tight and stay tight, ensuring a secure fit without the need for additional tools.

  • What types of pickleballs can the PickleHopper 30 pick up?

The PickleHopper 30 is versatile and can pick up all types of pickleballs, making it suitable for any player and playing condition.

At OnCourt OffCourt, we’re committed to providing the best tools to enhance your pickleball experience. The PickleHopper 30 is designed to make your ball pick-up process effortless and efficient. 

Explore our selection and make your pickleball practice sessions more enjoyable today!

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