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FREE GIFT: Includes 25 Penn 40 Outdoor Balls w/ Purchase!


The Pickleball Tutor Spin Ultra has all the features of our Pickleball Tutor line of ball machines, but now with even more dynamic features that make it a must-have for players, coaches, venues, schools, and more!

The machine ships in 2 to 3 weeks from ordering, and the shipping is completely free. Plus, we’re adding 25 FREE Penn 40 Outdoor Balls with purchase.

  • Ball Hopper: Holds up to 125 pickle balls and loads quickly, so you’re back to the fun in no time.
  • Lightweight and Portable: At fewer than 30 pounds, the tutor comes with a fold-out towing handle, making setting up in the perfect spot a breeze.
  • Indoor and Outdoor: The tutor works with both indoor pickleballs and outdoor balls.
  • Spin: Add left or right spin to your shots, or remove spin altogether- you’re in control.
  • Ball Speed: Variable ball speed allows for everything from gentle tosses for beginners to 60 mph for competitive or professional play.
  • Oscillation Options: Choose from many oscillation options that provide even more control for making the exact kind of practice you want.
  • Electronic Display: Not only does the easy-to-use display perfect for customizing your shots, but it also has a bar graph display to show the elevation setting so you can find the perfect spot before firing any balls.
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel: The highly visible, clear digital readout comes with preset drills and a variety of settings for changing drills quickly.
  • Ball Feed: Variable ball feed rate from one ball every second to one ball every ten seconds, making it super easy to create realistic gameplay.
  • Ball Trajectory: Manually adjust the ball trajectory from groundstrokes to lobs.
  • Four Customizable Preset Shots: Comes with a preset straight dink, crosscourt dink, 3rd shot drop, and lob. Each is customizable, changing the speed, spin, elevation, and interval of the shots.
  • Two Customizable Preset Drills: Preset drills allow you to mimic real play for real practice. Every shot within the preset drills is customizable, too.
  • Remote Control: Either use your smartphone (with free APP) or use the handheld unit for complete control of your ball machine without using the actual control panel.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The built-in battery lasts up to four hours of playing time per charge.
  • Smart Battery Charger: Once the battery is fully charged, it shuts off automatically to prevent overcharging and the wasting of electricity.

Additional Features – Must be added at the time of purchase

  • FM Multi-Function Remote – Wireless control of all functions just like you were using the actual control panel. The layout of the buttons on the remotes is almost identical to the layout of the buttons on the control panel, so there is nothing new to learn. There are two Multi-Function Remote choices.
  • Phone Multi-Function Remote – Same as above but on your phone. Requires free App download. Available for both Apple and Android phones. Automatically connects instantly via bluetooth with no need for a wireless broadband connection. If this option is purchased a bluetooth receiver is installed in the machine.
  • Wireless Two-Button Remote: Controls the ball feed (on/off) and machine oscillation (on/off) without having to go over to the machine.

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