Pickleball Tutor Plus

Pickleball Tutor Plus - Includes 25 Penn 40 Outdoor Balls w/ Purchase!

$1,259.95 - $1,779.95

The Pickleball Tutor Plus model is ideal for regional and national tournaments players who regularly see backspin approach shots, topspin drives, and topspin passing shots.

Pickleball Tutor Plus is easily adjustable to shoot all the shots you need to practice against including:

• Dinks • Lobs • Serves • Drives • Groundstrokes

  • Holds 110 pickleballs
  • Ball Speed – Up to 65 MPH
  • Ball Feed – From every one second (for quick-reaction volleys) to every 10 seconds
  • Throws both indoor and outdoor pickleballs.
  • Start-up time delay allows time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Built-in battery provides up to four hours of playing time per charge.
  • Smart Battery Charger – Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically to prevent over-charging
  • Random Oscillator is included
  • Built-in 3″ towing wheels and handle for easy transport (no towing cart)
  • Topspin and Backspin – A single dial controls the amount of topspin or backspin.


2-Line Oscillation
Automatically shoots to two preset court positions. This feature allows you to practice alternating forehand and backhand shots, or allows two players to practice together.

Electronic Elevation
Ball trajectory is controlled by a simple electronic switch on the control panel rather than the manual knob control.

Optional Wireless Two-Button Remote
Controls ball feed on/off and machine oscillation on/off.



Optional External Battery Pack
Attaches to the machine through the charge jack to provide 4-6 hours of extra playing time. Weighs 12 pounds. Note: The External Battery Pack works with battery-operated models only.

Optional External AC Power Supply
Plugs into an AC outlet to provide continuous operation for battery-powered machines.

Optional Weatherproof Cover
Grey vinyl cover.

OnCourt OffCourt also provides 25 free Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs with any purchase of a Pickleball Tutor Plus.

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