Pickleball Tutor Mini

Pickleball Tutor Mini - Includes 25 Penn 40 Outdoor Balls w/ Purchase!

$689.95 - $779.95

Please note that this ball machine has a 2 week lead time.

The Pickleball Tutor Mini model is the most compact pickleball machine available.

Shoot any type of shot:
• Serves • Groundstrokes • Dinks • Lobs • Drives

  • Ball Speed – Up to 50 MPH.
  • Ball Feed – Adjustable from every 2 seconds to every 10 seconds.
  • 60 ball capacity – one standard pick-up basket full.
  • Throws both indoor and outdoor pickleballs.
  • Manual Elevation Control – Adjustable from groundstroke to lob.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Built-in battery provides up to three hours of playing time per charge.
  • Smart Battery Charger – Fully charges the battery overnight and shuts off automatically to prevent over-charging.
  • Start-up Time Delay – Allows the player time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.
  • Available w/Oscillator – Delivers shots randomly across the court for hitting on the run. ($90)

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