Pickleball Caution Tape

Pickleball Tutor Plus - Includes 25 Penn 40 Outdoor Balls w/ Purchase!


Our Pickleball Caution Tape is ideal for quickly and easily creating full size or mini pickleball courts anywhere! You can create two full pickleball courts with the length the tape provides. Also great to quickly create a net in your driveway or back yard by tying it between two chairs or trees. 3 mil thickness is extremely durable. Use and reuse or throw away. Another idea for use is to tie between two side fences to raise the height of the net. Or, be even more creative and tie from side fence to side fence at different heights to practice shots with different arcs and depths.

3-inch wide x 500 feet per roll. Highest quality tape available.


*Paddle and balls not included. 

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