Pickleball Airzone


The OnCourt OffCourt Pickleball Airzone creates a raised net to help pickleball players visually learn how to hit above or below the bungee net. For example, hitting above the net for lobs and hitting below the bungee for drives and dinks. 

Key features:

  • Visual learning improves skills by 200% in minutes!
  • Airzone bungee is height adjustable for playing levels.
  • Hit over or under to fine tune your game.  
  • Sets up in two minutes!

What’s Included:
1. Two 2-part poles (4′ long each)
2. Bungee
3. 4 different colored flags (replacement flags available to be purchased separately by calling our office at 1-888-366-4711)
4. Pickleball Airzone carrying case 

How to Set Up:
1. Secure the 2-part telescopic poles to each end of the pickleball net by weaving the poles through the net and angling them slightly outwards so the pole ends up close to vertical.
2. Connect the bungee to the top of each pole.
3. Add any or all of the flags to create further target zones.

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