Multi-Twist Mini Ball Machine for Tennis & Pickleball


The new Multi-Twist Mini is the most compact high quality ball machine in the world and will throw every size tennis ball including the biggest Quick Start transition balls and Pickleballs.  

Ball Capacities:
14 Tennis Balls, “78” Green Quick Start Balls, and “60” Orange Quick Start Balls
12 “36” Red Quick Start Balls
12 Pickleballs

Feed interval:
The MultiTwist Mini throws 1 ball every 3.5 seconds.

Ball ejection speed:
10-20 foot toss with 5 adjustable settings

Weight: 6lbs

Dimensions: 10″X10″X17″

Please note that the machine will operate up to ten hours on six ‘D’ size batteries (not included.). For more information on the batteries please view the Multi-Twist Mini Instruction Sheet under Instructions & Resources. 

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