Jugs Hi-Optic Indoor Pickleballs


Sold as a set of 12.

The Jugs Pickleball is made of soft plastic. This soft plastic ball performs well on smooth hardwood, tile or cement court surfaces.This ball’s softness and slightly-textured surface helps increase the ball’s bite and bounce off the ground. 

All indoor balls are designed with larger holes and are lighter than outdoor balls. The Jugs Indoor balls measure 2.875” in diameter and weigh only 0.81 ounces, the lightest of any regulation-approved ball. These balls also have the most pop in them, proven by their substantial average bounce height of 37”. NOTE: For those serious pickleball competitors, this is the high quality Jugs pickleball that is used mainly for indoor play. But, it works outdoors as well. Can also be used in the Jugs Toss Ball Machine featured in related products below.   

The Jugs Pickleball meets the IFP/USAPA requirements.  

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