Diller Two Player Pack


This bundle is the ideal choice for a beginner player. This bundle includes a pair of Diller Wood Paddles and 4 Jugs Indoor Balls.

The Diller Wood Paddle is made from durable seven-ply hardwood. The small rope at the bottom helps prevent paddles from flying off by allowing players to strap around their wrists. Each paddle features a soft, comfortable grip to help players stay more comfortably on the court.

Jugs Indoor Pickleballs are one of the best-selling indoor pickleballs on the market. This soft plastic ball executes well on smooth hardwood, tile, or cement court surfaces. All indoor balls are designed with larger holes and are lighter than outdoor balls.

Diller Wood Paddle Specs:

  • Grip: Medium
  • Face: 7” wide
  • Weight: 10.8–12 oz
  •  Handle Length: 5”

Jugs Indoor Pickleball Specs:

  • Color: Green
  • Diameter: 2.875”
  • Weight: 0.81 oz
  • Average Bounce: 37”

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